Vitus Rose EVS Volunteer In Çanakkale

Vitus Rose EVS Volunteer In Çanakkale

Vitus ROSE

Hi, my name is Vitus from Germany. From 2013 – 2014 I spent my EVS at Koza Genclik Dernegi in Canakkale, Turkey. During my one year EVS at Koza I did take part in several projects – all of them very instructive in its own way.

I helped organizing and taking care of swimming and diving lessons for disabled people from Canakkale. Before that, I’ve never got in touch with disabled people so this project has been very fulfilling for me and a lifetime experience. We’ve been such a great team and all participants had so much fun.
Besides this I also enjoyed giving German lessons to interested people from Canakkale, helping to organize activities for less advantaged children but also weekend activities for young and old to enjoy life!

EVS at Koza in Canakkale changed my life for sure as I got to know so many lovely people from different cultures and backgrounds. It really shaped my social skills in many ways and I still tell stories from my EVS 4 years later to family and friends but also use it in job interviews.
Doing my EVS at Koza has been one of my best decisions I made and I recommend it for everyone who wants to explore a great culture, meet awesome people and doing something that really matters and is appreciated by others.



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