EVS In United Kingdom

EVS In United Kingdom

Project name: Be Heard Be Seen

Procedure of Selection:

Send your Europass CV and motivation letter of the volunteer (in English) to evs@kozagenclikdernegi.org
Sending organisation Çanakkale Koza Gençlik Derneği will make a pre-selection of volunteers and then hosting organization”Across Atlantic Development UK” will do the final selection.
Volunteer profile / 18 -30 years old / volunteers who are dynamic, creative, sociable, patient and suitable for team work and people who have a strong motivation to develop intercultural mediation skills / inclination to leave in a multicultural environment


Among the projects that we engage in, which are not limited to volunteering, youth development, and using sports as means towards using non-formal education to address it, but Landmines eradication, Refugees Programs, Alcohol/Drug Abuse Program, Poverty Eradication, Humanitarian Intervention, Climate Change, School and Educational Projects. Human Rights Issues, Books4Peace, Agricultural projects etc. The core emphasis which we have done and still focus on here in the United Kingdom is integration and accesses to proper United Kingdom social and cultural integration for most refugees that come into the country by offering them tools and program for cultural awareness and sensitivity of their new environment. The book4peace is a project designed to south Somalia refugees to see education and reading as a tool towards peace.

We have much information regarding our projects that we have done. More information regarding our activities with reference to projects done and executed can be found on the website. www.acrossatlantic.org

Period of activities

01/03/20 – 27/08/20
(the last 180 days excluding the mobility must travel 2 days)

Accommodation and food
The volunteers will be hosted in a house with other volunteers involved in a different projects in London and Birmingham. The house and the rooms will be equipped with all the basic necessities. There will be iinternet connection with Wi-fi. The volunteers will receive a pocket money to buy their food in this way independently they can cook their own food.


As Across Atlatic Development UK, an accredited Erasmus EU organisation, our mission is to work with Cooperate bodies, and Institutions to create a just and sustainable world. We envision a world in which everyone can lead a prosperous and dignified life within the boundaries of the Earth’s natural resources across boundaries with no limitations in ethnic, cultural, languages, and religion. We are dedicated to expanding the horizon of youth empowerment, diversity and equality utilizing non-formal education by means of voluntary services as a tool to global change. This organisation has a physical environment suitable for young people with physical, using sports as a means towards social development and creating line for youths while tapping into their resources and integration, refugees program, sensory or other disabilities (such as wheelchair access and similar. This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people and refugees with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar

We work on project focusing on youths using boths sports as a non formal education towards addressing their needs, care and rehabilitation for victims of war and torture with the fact that we all deserve a second chance and dignity to live freely without fear and torture. Advocacy against torture and human right is fundamental to our core values and principles. Our work includes, advocacy, research for torture documentation and research, surveying and benchmarking human rights practices as well as protection for the vulnerable like the IDPs-Internal Displaces Persons.
We do cooperation with several partners all over Europe and the across the middle east, both on youth and sports development not only in Europe but in African expecially North african where we are expereiencing illegal migrants and the challenges being faced by the local authorities to tackle the problem and Asia where we have network.

• To apply send your CV and motivation letter in English to evs@kozagenclikdernegi.org  Please write “EVS in UK” as a subject.
• Deadline for application: 11.02.2020 23:59 PM

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