EVS In Çanakkale!

EVS In Çanakkale!

EVS in Çanakkale, Turkey

UrgentCall for a Volunteer

➡Starting Date: 1 September 2021
➡Venue: Çanakkale, Turkey
➡Number of Volunteers: 1

➡The specific objectives of the project are:
•To help young people (especially aged from 17 to 25) to join social life in Çanakkale.
•To support the personal, social and cultural development of young people in Çanakkale.
•To raise awareness of the community on social and environmental issues.
•To make knowledge raising studies on youth rights and human rights with young people.
•To enable young people from diverse backgrounds in producing together.
•To develop solutions on youth problems and foster their participation to social and democratic life.
•To make specific studies on the subjects concerning the youth of the city and country.
•To foster young people’s involvement in decision-making and managing of the city. Çanakkale Koza Youth Association provides the following activities to achieve above-mentioned objectives;
•Training courses for personal development of young people (Seminars, training courses and conferences)
•Capacity building activities for University youth clubs and different youth groups
•Art, Language and Cultural courses; such as ceramic, movie-reading, drama, painting, English speaking etc.
•Youth festivals and workshops
•Sportive activities; swimming, dance
•Preparing summer and winter programs for children
•Local and national networking among youth organization
•Blog writing
•Project idea development
•Shooting small videos on EVS/volunteerism
•online research on perception of volunteerism in local national level
➡Practical Arrangements;
Volunteers will be accommodated in a house, which will be close to the organization office, max. 10-15 minutes on foot. If there will be more than one volunteer, they will share a flat/house. They will use the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom together. Volunteers will have their food money so they will have a chance to cook their own food and learn how to cook Turkish meals. They will receive their pocket money at the beginning of the week (in their first work day of the week). Some activities would be a little far from the city center; in that case, they will have bus tickets or other transportation opportunities.
The volunteers will have at least 4 hours Turkish lessons per week provided by a professional teacher and in the same time, they will have the opportunity to improve their language with the permanent contact with Turkish people.
According to ESC rules, volunteers will have 2 days off per week and 2 extra days off for a month.

➡We are looking for:
•youngsters between the age of 18 to 30
•able to at least communicate in English
•interested in youth politics, art & culture and youth information
•open minded,creative, self-reliant and responsible
•ready to work with the disadvantaged group of children and youth
•ready to travel and participate in outdoor activities
•motivated to work with disadvantaged groups (children, disabilities and young people)
➡For to apply, send your CV and Motivation Letter in English to koza.agh@gmail.com . Please write “EVS in CANAKKALE” as a subject.

Deadline for Application: 13 August 2021