Dylan RICHARD EVS Volunteer In Çanakkale

Dylan RICHARD EVS Volunteer In Çanakkale

I’m from France, near Avignon. I came to Çanakkale from 26 March to 19 July 2018.

I was doing a French Civic Service, an Erasmus+ program, to support KOZA and organize activities for the local youth of Çanakkale. I’ve discovered the Turkish culture and learn more and more about their history and language. It was also the occasion to improvise my personal skills, my autonomy, my capacity to adapt, my computer skills (photo montage, video).

Volunteer work helps me to improve my organization skills for my job. Now I’m more willing to listen and share ideas while in a group and adapt myself when it’s needed.

A wise suggestion from me to new volunteers that they will need to have a strong stomach 

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