Bir AGH Katılımcısının Gözünden Danimarka Eğitim Sistemi

Bir AGH Katılımcısının Gözünden Danimarka Eğitim Sistemi

Çanakkale Koza Gençlik Derneği aracılığıyla Danimarka’da Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti yapmış Burak BUZPINAR ev sahibi kurumu Dansk ICYE’nin talebi doğrultusunda “ungdomskolen” adı verilen okullar ve danimarka eğitim sistemi ile ilgili bir makale kaleme aldı.

From an EVS participant’s perspective: Danish Education
System, “Ungdomsskolen”

  1. What does Ungdomsskolen mean?

First of all, I would like to emphasize that the term of ungdomsskolen is mostly common schooling type in general of Scandinavia. In a broad sense, it could be translated in English as “youth school”.
As many EVS participants I also realized this term when I was checking projects mainly in Denmark, Norway and Sweden without knowing the meaning and functions behind it.
An ungdomsskolen functions as supportive to regular public primary schools in the municipality. These schools are mostly coordinating with their own municipalities. For example, my projects school (Ungecenter 2610) was in a municipality called as Rødovre where is located outside of Copenhagen central (from central it takes approximately 10-15 min. by S-train).
Ungdomsskolen is placed as upper secondary education in the Danish education system.

  • Danish education system

The Danish education system consists of the following stages

  • Primary and lower secondary education (grundskole)
  • Upper secondary education (ungdomsuddannelser)
  • Higher education (videregående uddannelser)
  • History

The scientific and technical development of the 19th century led to a division of the secondary education into two lines: the languages and the mathematics-science line. This division was the backbone of the structure of the Gymnasium (academic general upper secondary education programme) until the year 2005.
Besides that as far as I learned from teachers and school managers ungdomsskolen is established and shaped especially after World War II in order to train and educate youth to help of the betterment of advanced-modern society.

2. Purpose

The purposes of ungdomsskolen are to help and develop young people’s academic, personal and social skills as well as supporting their learning abilities so that as many as possible are able to complete primary school levels and start a youth education.

3. Ungecenter2610 & EVS

Ungecenter2610 (Youth Center2610) is a youth school with various activities. As I mentioned above it is located in Rødovre municipality in the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen, Denmark. The main target group is all young people between 13 – 25 years old, including those who do not manage to walk the straightway.
The school mainly tries to unite the students’ desires and needs with the overall objectives of the surrounding society. In this sense,Ungecenter2610 offers 4 different programs: A leisure time education program, a day school education program, a 10th grade education program and an OK education program.
It is important to emphasize that all costs are covered by the Rødovre municipality and it is free of charge to attend for students.

  • My EVS experience in Ungdomsskolen

My EVS experience is based on mainly teaching and assisting to students and as well as teachers in the school. I work with 10th grades students and among these 10th grades students the class called as Flexblokken. In the Flexblokken (Flex class) we study mathematics, English, Danish and different selective courses that are up to chosen by students free will. Five Flexblokken teachers and I are supposed to teach and most of the times assist them during the class time in various subjects and issues. With this attentive support especially Flexblokken students can compensate their educational gap or any kinds of lack and became able to reach future educational steps. During our curriculum and two semesters we visited several places both in and outside of Denmark. These were such great experiences for me and teachers as well as our students.

  • The 10th Grade and Flexblokken

The municipality offers to grade teaching however, for those who want to continue in a voluntary 10th grade year, can take place in Ungecenter2610.

The students can choose from 3 different directions, some preparing for High school and some preparing for other educational possibilities such as craftsmanship and trading education or so.
10th grade, for example Flexblokken, offer extra help to a group of students who have learning difficulties or need for extra support. In the school, we have a 10th grade for those who are not ready to start a secondary education and leisure-time education with a lot of single subjects and various educational travels.

Burak Buzpinar