Bianca Lami EVS Volunteer In Çanakkale

Bianca Lami EVS Volunteer In Çanakkale

Bianca LAMI

Herkese merhaba, I am Bianca from Italy. I participated in EVS from November 2014 until October 2015, 11 months, to the project Volunteer +.

During this period I took part in several activities, such as organizing an Italian Language Workshop for teaching my mother tongue to Turkish people and a Summer School directed at kids and youngsters from the local Roma community. I also had the chance to help other local volunteers with swimming lessons for disabled people and to promote the Erasmus + programme among high school students.
In particular, volunteering with people with disabilities had been an experience that truly enriched me in many ways, especially in humane terms. I am still in touch with some of the participants and their families and I keep in my heart sweet memories of us together.

From a professional point of view, EVS helped me to gain new competencies, with a focus on linguistic, communicative and teaching techniques that allowed me to earn a master degree in Turkish language and literature and to find an internship as an Italian language teacher in Spain.

I can definitely say that EVS effectively changed my life by shaping both my professional and personal skills: it motivated and pushed me to adapt to a different environment and build a new network of friends. All the activities and workshops that I took part in, had been a further opportunity to meet new people and get new friends with whom I had the chance to share different opinions, ideas, and experiences.

I would recommend everybody to take part in EVS and to live it fully because it is a unique life experience.

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